Firm BerPol exists on  the polish market since 1980.
          Our factory specjalize in production of silver jewerelly components about purity 925.
          We have own office design based on a program type CAD „MATRIX” and printer 3D „SOLIDSCAPE”. 
          This modern tools let us to realize most complicated design  included all needs of future customer.
          We  have also modern production line of japan company „YASUI” (injectors, stone, casting machines),
          which result in obtaining,  keeping  very high quality of our products.
          Applied technologies by the production our elements, for example used special master alloys, 
          translate into obtaining of products about very good mechanical features.
          Articles not only characterize interesting, attractive design but are precise and hard-wearing also.
          Our products are sold in shops of high reputation in the whole Poland
          and we export them to other countries of  European Union.
          You can see our collection in the polish famous magazines such like: „Polska Biżuteria” and „Polski Jubiler”.
          We present them also on the website „International Jewerlly Exchange” ( - by „Polska Biżuteria”).

                                                                                            We invite to cooperation.